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Vinyl Double-LP «The Real Chill»

The Jubilee Double Album ...


«The Real Chill, Remembering J.J. Cale» receives excellent reviews worldwide - the album was also released as a vinyl LP: A double album in limited edition (300 copies, numbered by hand). --> the video (test listening of the vinyl pressing)

Executive Producers & Sponsors: Urs & Fränzi Friderich, Thomas Bühlmann

LP 1 is the current J.J. Cale tribute album «Remembering J.J. Cale» (--> video about the album)

LP 2 is Koechli's jubilee album «Collection», the best and most successful Koechli songs & instrumentals from his 30-year recording period. Everything newly mastered and for the first time on vinyl; the recordings sound better than ever before! Here's the video for the album («Collection»)

The best-of compilation «Collection» comes across like an album of its own. «No wildly jumbled mix; the personal selection should represent in one piece what counts for me: The spirit of the blues and roots music, combined with my love for melodies and my affinity to earthy pop songs. In the end, a normal album with a golden thread - probably even the record of my life.»

«Collection» is also available on all digital platforms - in an extended version with 4 additional ( in total 16) tracks.



Unfortunately, the limited vinyl special edition is now sold out!