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Thank you for your interest in my songs, CDs, books and concerts - I hope you find what you are looking for. Crazy pandemic times, an indefinite future for musicians like me, no concerts and in other areas (records, books) the crisis is also raging. All that remains is the hope that we can turn things around, stay healthy, don't let ourselves be driven crazy - and that the concerts will soon start again. Of course I haven't been idle all this time: A complete new album is in the can; The Real Chill, Remembering J.J. Cale - it has been published in a deluxe edition with numerous goodies, and it reached the top 10 of the Blues charts in England/UK and in France! The record is now also available as a vinyl double album - together with the new jubilee album "Collection, Best-of 30 Years" (the most successful tracks of my career).

Your interest and support are gold - thank you!

Sincerely yours, Richard Koechli

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