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blues'n'classic (live in concert) - new album!


New album «blues'n'classic» (live in concert) – by the renowned argovia philharmonic strings and Blues Award winner Richard Koechli's Blue Roots Company. A unique blend of Blues and Classical music, produced by the Bluesfestival Baden and the argovia philharmonic orchestra. 

Album digital (Streaming & Download):    

--> Official album documentary with interview (Youtube)
--> Short album trailer (Youtube)

Contrast, tension and harmony: two very different musical cultures meet and merge into one. A worldwide unique live show! «We blues musicians need the air of spontaneous ornamentation to breathe», says Richard Koechli, describing the way his genre works. In contrast, classical musicians work within fixed, notated structures, compositions and arrangements.

A spectacle full of contrasts, but the shared love of music holds everything together. The age-old recipe for harmony: both listen to each other, respond to each other. Richard Koechli and his blues musicians give up some of their free improvisation and are inspired by the aesthetics and order of classical music. The musicians of the argovia philharmonic strings are open to blue notes and sometimes also to spontaneous improvisation.

«blues'n'classic», an exclusive project launched by the Bluesfestival Baden and the argovia philharmonic Orchestra. On stage a 10-piece band, behind the scenes two renowned arrangers: Wolfgang Drechsler (who has worked for stars such as Patricia Kaas, Bobby McFerrin, Joe Zawinul and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) and Jonas Arnet (the rising star among arrangers). Performed are songs written by Richard Koechli, standards from the blues world, compositions from the classical world as well as freely improvised pieces.

In what form will the album be released?

The concert was recorded live (sound and film) on the occasion of the 20th Bluesfestival Baden on May 13, 2023 in the majestic monastery church of Wettingen (CH). The album will be released as a CD; this CD also contains a link to the free streaming of the full-length concert video and to download the mp3 album. So even if you no longer have a CD player, this CD is still a great choice.

Order the CD:  --> Swiss music trade    --> International music trade

Copies signed by Richard Koechli (CHF/€ 29.- incl. shipping): please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the other hand, the album will be available on all digital platforms (streaming, download); however, without access to the full-length concert video.

Stream the full-length concert video (82 minutes): transfer € 6.- to and you will receive the link for HD streaming by e-mail within 24 hours.


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