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Press Review

Press Review «The Real Chill»

«Eine tiefe und absolut formvollendete Verbeugung vor J.J CALE, einem der ganz Großen des Laid-back-Universums. Gekonnter und respektvoller kann man dem Musiker aus Tulsa die Ehre nicht erweisen!» ( --> Rezension lesen)

«A deep and absolutely perfectly formed homage to J.J CALE, one of the greats of the Laid-back universe. You can't pay tribute to this Tulsa musician in a more skillful and respectful way!» (

«Un hommage profond et absolument parfait à J.J CALE, l'un des plus grands de l'univers de Laid-back. On ne peut pas saluer ce musicien de Tulsa d'une manière plus habile et respectueuse !» (

«Ich würde das Album auch ohne Buch empfehlen, einfach weil es eine Dreiviertelstunde Musik vom Feinsten enthält. Mit dem Buch aber ist es ein Knaller!» (, Rolf Winter, --> Rezension lesen)







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Vinyl Double-LP «The Real Chill»

Vinyl Double-LP «The Real Chill»

The Jubilee Double Album ...


«The Real Chill, Remembering J.J. Cale» receives excellent reviews worldwide - the album was also released as a vinyl LP: A double album in limited edition (300 copies, numbered by hand). --> the video (test listening of the vinyl pressing)

Executive Producers & Sponsors: Urs & Fränzi Friderich, Thomas Bühlmann

LP 1 is the current J.J. Cale tribute album «Remembering J.J. Cale» (--> video about the album)

LP 2 is Koechli's jubilee album «Collection», the best and most successful Koechli songs & instrumentals from his 30-year recording period. Everything newly mastered and for the first time on vinyl; the recordings sound better than ever before! Here's the video for the album («Collection»)

The best-of compilation «Collection» comes across like an album of its own. «No wildly jumbled mix; the personal selection should represent in one piece what counts for me: The spirit of the blues and roots music, combined with my love for melodies and my affinity to earthy pop songs. In the end, a normal album with a golden thread - probably even the record of my life.»

«Collection» is also available on all digital platforms - in an extended version with 4 additional ( in total 16) tracks.



Unfortunately, the limited vinyl special edition is now sold out!





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The homage to the master

Fontastix 324117 (CD & Buch), distrokid (digital), Release: 25. Sept 2020

-> the video about the album   -> press review

-> Album-Cover (print)   -> Album-Cover (web)

-> Order CD (+ free book)


J.J. Cale (1938 - 2013) is considered one of the most influential songwriters of the 20th century. Admired by stars like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler or Neil Young, he leaves behind an invaluable legacy: world hits like Cocaine or After Midnight, a unique guitar style, an inimitable vocal aesthetic.

Swiss Blues Award winner Richard Koechli now respectfully and idiosyncratically interprets 10 of Cale's immortal songs - and even writes a book about the laid-back pioneer; a personal, subjective view of Cale's music and career, the myths that surrounded him, the historical context and the philosophy of musical restraint. This release hit the mark; the reviews are very enthusiastic and the album reached the Blues Top-10 in the UK and France. --> read press review

The sound recordings were made during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020; Koechli hid in the studio, worked in the manner of a maverick (as Cale often did at the time), was partly supported at a distance by his live band - and now conjures 10 songs out of a hat that don't even try to come close to the originals. A very personal album that brings the master's splendours to new life without betraying their basic spirit. As an encore, 3 more songs from Koechli's pen that demonstrate Cale's influence.

Can be streamed and downloaded, of course - but the crowning glory is only physical: Koechli's 368-page book «The Silent Master» (hardcover german edition) is not available in bookstores, but exclusively as a free supplement to the CD. The book simply does not exist, has no ISBN number – it's a pure gift from fan to fan. «I don't want to make money with J.J. Cale's legacy – among real Cale fans you don't deal, you give each other presents», says Koechli.

This is called «Deluxe Edition» – and with the CD also come many download-goodies (an English and French book translation, mp3-files, 24bit-WAV master files and an unreleased HD concert video of Koechli's trio formation). You can order it worldwide!

«The Real Chill» was also released as a vinyl double LP! ((unfortunately out of stock)


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Slide Guitar Book

Slide Guitar Instrumentals - The Playbook

The mulitmedia playbook

-> Youtube-Trailer  -> reading sample

-> Cover (web)  -> Cover (print)

ISBN: 978-3-7482-6698-3 (tredition-Verlag)

Richard Koechli's guitar book «Slide Guitar Styles» has been the standard work in the German-speaking world for over 20 years. Now the Swiss author publishes as a supplement a playbook with extensive practice pieces: 12 instrumentals from different styles (Blues, Folk, Pop, Rock, Country) with a medium to high degree of difficulty. Tunes that are fun to play and don't need to hide from the audience. The book is multimedia, with video and audio download, QR codes, additional e-book and trilingual translation. Worldwide distribution links ...











French part of Switzerland:








Sweden / Norway / Finland:











South Africa:






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